FOSS list

Free and Open Source software (FOSS) that works on Linux (may also have builds for other platforms but aren’t guaranteed. Check the wikipedia article and/or website if unsure):

Note: Many of these would be available in the official software repositories of your distribution, the links are provided for your information and research.

 Officesuite (think MS Office):

LibreOffice wikipedia website

Web Browser:

Mozilla Firefox wikipedia website

Google Chromium wikipedia website

Midori wikipedia website

Falkon wikipedia website

Gnome web wikipedia website

Offline mail clients (think MS Outlook):

Mozilla Thunderbird wikipedia website

Geary wikipedia website

Evolution wikipedia website

Mailspring website


Instant Messenger:

Pidgin wikipedia website

Signal wikipedia website

Telegram wikipedia website (server side isn’t FOSS)

Wire wikipedia website (server side isn’t FOSS)

VOIP (think skype):

Jitsi wikipedia website

Project Chat (think Slack):

Mattermost website

Matrix wikipedia website

Photo Editor (think Adobe Lightroom):

For KDE, Digikam wikipedia website (this will be available for other desktop environments but may pull down a lot of KDE dependencies)

For GTK, Darktable wikipedia website

Image editing (think Adobe Photoshop):

GIMP wikipedia website

Vector editing (for logos etc):

Inkscape wikipedia website

Drawing and painting (2D):

Krita wikipedia website

3D graphics sculpting, manipulation and animation:

Blender wikipedia website

Media Player (think Windows Media Player):

VLC wikipedia website

MPV wikipedia website

Media Organiser (think Apple iTunes):

Clementine wikipedia website

Rhythmbox wikipedia website

Audacious wikipedia website

Banshee wikipedia website (not updated in awhile but still works)

Audio Recording and editing:

For basic everyday needs:

Audacity wikipedia website

For Advanced:

Ardour wikipedia website

Video Editing:

Kdenlive wikipedia website

Openshot wikipedia website

DJ mixing and playback:

Mixxx wikipedia website

Audio Streaming and broadcasting (For internet radio, think shoutcast):

Icecast wikipedia website

Video Streaming, recording and broadcasting (for Twitch, YouTube Live etc):

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) wikipedia website

Torrent Clients:

Transmission wikipedia website

qBittorrent wikipedia website

Deluge wikipedia website