For Linux News:

OMG Ubuntu!

WebUpd8 (they also roll their own PPAs, handy for Ubuntu Based Distros) (funded by Red hat so slightly biased towards that) (from the Linux Foundation)

It’s Foss



Gaming on Linux

For gaming:

Steam (Probably the most supported platform, a lot of DRM games)

GOG (DRM free, good linux selection and quite a bit of old windows games that run very well under wine) (open, indie gaming platform)

Humble Bundle (used to be really good, now occasionally good, has good DRM free support, now is owned by IGN)

For questions:

Arch Wiki (very good resource even if not on arch, can be quite technical at times)

Ubuntu Forums

Ask Ubuntu

For Donations/ Support:


EDRI (European Digital Rights)

FSFE (FSF Europe)

Linux Foundation

Digital Rights Ireland


Open Rights Group EFF’s sister organisation in the UK

Mozilla Foundation

Apache Foundation

VideoLAN (VLC mainly, but they do a lot of codec development too)